According to Facebook we have gone open Beta


Thats right folks you heard it here last.

Not to be kept in the loop in any way and do we care? We are here doing whatever it is we are trying to do here whether we are able to do it or not.
So what does it mean? well for my money like everything else Hifi has redefined the meaning of yet another word “beta”.
Because beta should mean no more major changes, just testing and refining. Lets see if that actually happens.

But I’m not complaining, this is not a complaint it is just me letting of steam, I love it here and I love the people here, but sometimes it seems we are all losing our way in the dark.
We dont get much in the way of explanations here we have to dive for crumbs and find stuff out second hand, thats just how it is, we are used to it.

But come on, there is something afoot.
Seems like the directory was deliberately removed from the hifi webpage for reasons we will probable never know. But this is left in, in HUGE print

The expressive faces looked incredibly human-like, which adds a whole other dimension to the interaction by invoking emotion

Um correct me if Im wrong but this belongs in Judas’s box of voxels, terrain, and text chat, as in no longer applies. This refers to the good ole days when faceshift was a thing. Who are we trying to fool? Why not make it real?


Well, the version of HiFi I just updated to, the installer had Beta in the filename instead of Alpha. So, yeah, we’re officially in beta. :smiley:



A pre-release of software that is given out to a large group of users to try under real conditions. Beta versions have gone through alpha testing inhouse and are generally fairly close in look, feel and function to the final product; however, design changes often occur as a result.



Interesting thing about the marketplace poofing. Look at this article:

Unity. Interesting.


Looks like the same version: 4791, so that candidate is now the official beta. Glad they fixed most of the texture memory blowout problems since there will be many people will non Titanium smoking computers trying HF out. It will now work for them.


The announcement was made at the press conference for SVVR. Along with the hackathon this should help drum up some publicity.


Back when this was all alpha stuff like this would never happen o.o


OK, seems like its for real, so instead of bitching, Im going to congratulate Philip and all the developers for keeping this ship afloat and reaching this milestone.

We give you a hard time but we love it, it has its problems but constantly improving.

Now if you can just put us all back in the picture and restore the Directory on the webpage, then we can get on with the job of making it a better place.

You have removed the users from the default, we have to live with that.
But if you leave us off the page, as in “out of sight - out of mind” we will quickly wonder wtf we are doing hiding in our domains where nobody even knows we exist.


I remember back in the old alpha days, my god it seems like only yesterday, how time flies.


@Adrian, the domains are listed inside of interface (the GoTo button), so not so hidden.


Yeah I know, I kinda exaggerate sometimes to make a point, we are not totally hidden, but we have no profile now where we had some before. It was nice to see some pics connected to a place you could identify from the website, the directory is a bit hit and miss because its just one little gif as a preview,


They been polishing up their RC version since the start of this month, so it isnt a suprise.

Anyway congrats Hifi team!

Now we just need some arbitary method of identification (just id and ownership, not names), more social controls, methods to kcik and ban users(this will become a major issue with when more PR), LOD or auto LOD mesh and much, much better HMD edit tools.


I have this: which I used to handle region security in InWorldz. I could adapt it for HF but without avatar ID and ownership info, it’s not possible.


So, now that we’re officially Beta, I wonder how long till this forum subdomain goes from being alphas. to being betas. :slight_smile:


Sitting in the airport, waiting for my plane to San Francisco and I’m reading all this. What a long, strange trip it’s been. While I slept we went from Alpha to Beta.
Let’s make the hackathon something they write about in history books about the VR tipping point (insert something in here that is as witty as something @judas would say).


Good enough to post that on G+, also for me easy way to find the page back.

ADD: Very bad side on that blog. and not good promotion. The use maya instead the more common used blender.


I’ve been waiting for the beta to be released. Hopefully it will be simpler for the updates. Not that the Alpha was difficult or anything.


must’ve been a lot of changes in the few weeks since I last ran HiFi :slight_smile:


Hi all,

I speak for everyone when I say THANK YOU, our alpha users, from the bottom of our hearts. You folks are the smart and brave ones willing to take a chance on fragile, naked, and sometimes just a little bit ugly, software. Investing your time trying out a new platform is taking a gamble with your most precious asset, your attention, and yet so many of you stuck around and had faith enough in what we were doing to join us on the march to beta.

We, seriously, are indebted to you.

You’re right, @Adrian, regrettably, and we sure could have done a better job of communicating this to you. We know the road to this point has been bumpy, and there’s been a couple of times where major shifts in design jarred some folks & their expectations of the product. I guess in some ways, that comes with the nature of having what really began as an R&D oriented startup. I suppose by Beta we mean we’ve finally nailed down the MVP, the heart of High Fidelity, and have brought it to a state that we think is presentable enough to invite the broader public to participate and try it out, since you, the amazing and insightful alpha users, have helped us to improve and enhance the software to get it to this state. Still, it’s far from perfect, there’s certainly bugs, plenty of friction points, and we can do a better job of listening to your needs. Decisions to sunset what are, arguably, popular and desirable functionality (users, text, places), have been hotly debated (internally & externally), and will probably continue to be, but we expect to see an ecosystem of clever alternative solutions emerge.

There’s a lot of ways to describe our mission statement. For me, it’s that we’re trying to make the metaverse we’ve dreamed of, inspired by our collective imagination, human creativity, our desire to push computer science in bold new ways, and perhaps taking also from visionary writers like William Gibson, Neal Stephenson, Earnest Cline. We’re trying to manifest that fictional dream into something real… and what a privilege it is, to really do it. As early homo sapiens, it was a huge step to use mathematics as a tool to understand the physical reality around us. Now, as technologically-empowered humans, we shall use mathematics to not just understand, but to make new realities, or something a lot like them. Whatever will become of it, we don’t really know, but we’re here to do it because there’s something about our species that urges the brain and heart to create.

High Fidelity is designed from its very core to be a living, growing open-source platform, and we hope it’ll be flexible enough to serve your expectations, to continue to invest yourself in furthering it along. Thank you, from ALL of us, for your passion, your patience, your attention and energy.

We hope you’ll stick with us and continue to apply your ingenuity, creativity and intellect to make High Fidelity the metaverse platform of your dreams.


This is how the road in High Fidelity where in the last 2+ years.

Btw, there still a few armed mousetraps we need to break. :innocent:

  • Give us some inworld edittable terrain, and live get already more easy.
  • Am thinking about a solution for chat system, but some basic one in the sandbox core would be very welcome. I think chat and IM. in high fidelity works like how it works in minecraft. you can only chat and IM with people on the same server/domain. If high fidelity can at least implement that basic Public/IM system. thing can be nice for more people. btw, chat would need some distance limit.