Actors of any experience level needed for a test inside HiFi


Hi All,

I’m a filmmaker doing some research and tests inside HiFi. Specifically, I’m running an interactive movie/play/experience involving a semi-scripted story acted in real-time to an audience of one. Some of the roles are cast but I have a few spots still open, male, female and robot :slight_smile: . Participants will be paid a “thank you” stipend of $100. Commitment is a few rehearsals and 2 live performances during February and March, mostly on the weekends, not much time. If you want to participate, you’ll need to be using HMD with controllers and you will need to memorize some lines and do some simple acting. If you’ve never acted but are curious, this is fine. Please email me directly for more information:


Sounds interesting may drop an email when I’m home.