Add collision shape when your inside the building


It’s just a little detail. But when you rezz a building. then make it big and add the collision shape. your inside the build. Things start to shake heavy because your avatar is conflicting with the collision shape.

You can try to fix this by try to move the building away from your avatar. But is there not a better solution ? Push the avatar up to the nearest floor level ?


@Richardus.Raymaker what happens if you have the building at /0,0,0/ location


Cannot do much there, it keeps telling me disconnected.

Hmm, there’s a bug. if you teleport by coordinates without add the domainname things get not saved correct in the bookmark.


Close to 0,0m,0 it’s shaking my avatar to when i do the following.

  1. Rezz platform to stay on
  2. Load big mesh
  3. load collision shape
  4. Press rescale because the mesh is default to small (possible my fault)
    Then you shake.

Relogging at the same place still gives the result, because your staying inside a floor.