Add 'Load Default' button to running script panel


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I ran into a nasty bit of asymmetry in the running script panel that can cause a lot of confusion and frustration with newcomers to interface. The running scripts panel permits one to stop all scripts but no way to easily get back to a default running state. People have to know apiori to go seach for defaults.js or is that defautScripts.js or should that be hmdDefaults.js. I recommend you folks add a load defaults button and place it right next to the stop all button. Lke this:


Thanks for the suggestion.

By the way, the easiest way to re-run default scripts is to type “default” into the filter in the lower section, and it will show defaultScripts.js as the appropriate script, you can then double click that and it will load the default scripts.


Interesting answer. You know that, I know that, high end developers know that or can figure that out, but newcomers absolutely cannot nor will they figure that out. They need something simpler.

The question I ask, and believe me that I ask this honestly and simply to understand the goals of HF: to whom is interface directed? Is it intended to be a shell for developers, or, is it intended to be used by end users who have no notion of programming. I believe it is important to know this to determine how to plan for further next tier work on this platform.

BTW, I have similar questions about the inworld build tools.


Also as a suggestion to avoid accidental defaults, make sure there is a confirmation as well.


Likewise “Stop All” Too easy to accidentally zap all running scripts.
Furthermore, “Stop All” is incorrectly labelled. It really is “Remove All”.