Adding more marketplace items


With HFC now being exchangeable for USD at the bank, we’re thinking about how best to help get the marketplace started and lots of people putting up new things for sale. How best should we go about doing that? Any ideas?

Pay HFC for commissioned items, like we’d often been doing on the worklist?

Buy one copy of everything everyone puts up?

Get HF employees to put up some amazing stuff that can then be freely modified?



Things id like to make I cant because I lack the coding skills
Stuff like sit scripts. In secondlife there is a huge range of chairs with different animated sits for 1 or 2 people
i can build chairs i can at a push even do animations. I just cant do the chair scripting stuff
So i built a load of furnature no one can use “i dont like the stick the cushion from the market on it solution”
I would love if somone with the full set of trackers could just sit on a chair and capture that animation for easy use in a sit script.(make dances also) then the have’s could give to the have nots.

I also enjoy making buildings but I cant do doors
i want doors i can open in both desktop and vr
I asked around and saw a few attempts, most explode and fly away if more than 1 person looks at them
so I cant really sell houses with doors.

So a decent set of easy to use scripts of this nature woudl be a huge help

if animated mesh was collidable that woudl be a huge help then i could make allkinds of fun things.including doors, but at the moment a fbx animated door is none collidable.


I really would appreciate it, if this would be happen, what you wrote in January. For me it is a blocker, if the URL of the marketplace item easily can be copied and paste or shared to download the stuff - even it is without a certification.


And…make it easy or easily teachable for folks to upload and sell wearables.
I like to make jewelry and silly attachments, and like others, lack scripting skills, so would appreciate being able to share these with others.


  1. Improve the store, i not look at it enough. For the simple reason that you need to copy and paste your key every time again back in the store after a new start of the client. To frustrating. Can the key not remembered ? And i talk about desktop, in VR it’s impossible without going out to desktop first.

  2. Improve the store in the tablet, it’s really not userfriendly. If you get 1000’s if items it’s nightmare. Need more screen space.

  3. Make a web based version where you see more and have good colors and font sizes. It also make shopping more easy, just because you see more. Why use tiny tablet screen with few pixels and not much screen space ?

  4. It’s going to be a disaster to find items back you got. If you have 10 it’s fine. But with more it’s drama. There’s no inventory system.

  5. Now important bug i already pointed at, if you make object in ‘maker’ then export it, it’s using the return time from maker. I changed it in the object to a other number. or the object got derezzed. or the exporter used the domain setting again. High fidelity is asking people to edit the JSON file manual. To difficult for most creators.

@Judas I need doors at some point to. I think that animated doors mabye work. But you still need javascript to control it. And hope you can have not looped animstions and ones you can reverse direction.

Add: Oops judas, missed your last important line. Thst’s bad that animated mesh is not collidable. We need that option. Or other option to make easy doors.


I would like to see an API that would allow people to build their own stores on their own servers. This API would provide the rest required for commerce and participation in the blockchain. HiFi could take a percentage of all transactions. People could walk into an virtual mall and enter a store where people could sell their own wares without HiFi having to manage every sale and transaction. Another option would be to order through a web page in the interface or from their computer browser. Vendors like would benefit from such a relationship and HiFi would have tons of people building for VR. This would provide a free market which would encourage growth.


Ever thought of A Stipend? This would give users some hfc to shop.
From my side I’m happy the way it is but just need more time to get stuff published up there… If other creators hear people are doing well is the best incentive…


I wish I could sit on a sofa without have to trigger any script and to not be at the end of the process prisoner of an animation that make me feel biplegic when I do that is HMD.
I would like to simply climb on the sofa (while i’m in HMD), and just sit (While I sit on the ground in RL) This way, It will be interesting to sit in world, because I will truely do it in real too (without seek blindly for a chair that get twisted in my cable)

And I would like this happening in a generic way, without have to add pucks (that don’t exist for Oculus by the way.)

So a good project to see come lot of new products on the market… for example: furnitures of any kind that we can really used… If we could sit everywhere by our own for real, that would start to become interesting.


Am getting really frustrated with the high fidelity marketplace.
Always get tickets with complains. This is wrong That is not good.

Well, if spaces are not allowed somewhere. Then autmoatic fix that on the marketplace side. And not ask users to fix it. While you cannot fix it because you cannot edit the object !

So, when can we edit objects on the marketplace ?
Right now fix a simple problem is a BIG problem. because you need toredo everything and copy all settings over. find the objetcs back. For some simple normal thing on windows. Spaces in file names ! (space make search more easy to)

Now there’s another objects invalidated. That will possible sit invalidated for a long time. because i cannot check edit or download the items back to hdd and or check what is wrong.

:roll_eyes: Not suprised that people not put content on the marketplace


Aye not thrilled by the approval situation
If anyone is the true arbiter of taste it’s me not you.


The approval system is a bit slow and very buggy.
If a space in filename is a problem. why did the not told me that 3 months earlyer when i did put it up for approval. :roll_eyes:

That line keeps me confused. :open_mouth: How i read or translate it.


I’ll just bring up my concerns I’ve had for awhile in addition to people from Second Life who I’ve worked with, who have held back due to the security concerns.

I have relayed my concerns in the past about this along with very simple solutions that could be done on a coffee break. Not to mention, my analysis shows that the marketplace webpage and its items are failing to make use of GZIP encoding, meaning that things like textureless/sphere avatars during the stress test could have been minimized if a simple flag was turned on, especially for the webpage itself. It’s odd that if you view the marketplace on an actual mobile device or tablet, it runs better, but still loads slowly due to lack of optimizations, yet is expected to run fine on a virtual one.

I get the knowledge of some people will always be high and as a result will mean their knowledge on how to work around securities will be a never ending battle, but now that the push for wearables has been made, no one bothered to think of the consequences, and as a result, I’ve had a few of my own items copied without full concern. Were they certified, marketplace items? No, but the fact that the same even applies to them degrades my trust and the contacts I’ve met on the topic of putting things into the marketplace.

Now there’s this:

How can anyone put something up when most issues regarding the marketplace, regarding the security for it, and the issues with even the PoP have not been addressed?

Heck, I’ll go even as far as to address the other elephant in the room: as Richardus has pointed out, the approval process is slow, and now suddenly there’s a desire to push people to fix or upload new items, and at that, with a price tag. A consequence I hope someone has predicted are ones who did submit something for approval early only to not have it approved until after the date. If that happens, and word spreads, the trust in the system will only worsen.


Have a simple suggestion, if you upload something to marketplace. scan the filename for spaces. If there are spaces. Just refuse to upload it and give a warning. saves lot’s of problems.

Now i go check and fix my object. looks like it’s easy ti fix and publish again.


I tried 4 months months ago to publish some material on the marketplace but it was insanely complex to do that, I tried and after a rejection happening 2-3 days after I gave up. Is there any plan to simplify the upload / accepting /editing process?

Probably you already suggest that but why not just upload a simple zip with all the fbx, README, and jpg with relative path and have at the backend an automated program checking obvious invalid fields?

Wouldnt be github system an idea on how to handle this process with proper security checking and maybe “pull requests”?

In SecondLife the process was really much obvious compared to HF. You just packed your stuff in a box and deliver to the marketplace. Still a bit complex, since you had to have a special object inworld but quite straightforward, and really captivating since you were doing it inworld so intriguing for most of the people.


Important thing to change !

  1. Make sure nothing is rezzed default as grabbable !
    I just working on fixing the thing, so testing the compound, what happens the object start to rotate.

Please stop in the next release with rezzing things default grabbable.
It’s not user friendly. It’s user frustrating !

  1. Add the very long requested and needed reload button for the entitiy and compound FBX url.


tried again with my small elephant… image

As a new feedback, I must tell that I had again a lot of problems even with this simple process.
With old item the “Files” button did not work I had to delete it and create a new one, and the process of downloading the json and uploading again is not trivial, some sugaring should be devised by the interface program if you want people actually will DO this without discouraging especially the first time.

I can confirm that the procedure is quite awkward. And YES grabbable per default is NOT a good idea definitely.

What I would like to have is simply to select to my rezzed item and click on the tablet for publishing this and interface takes care of generating .json and save fbx and opening up a web page where I can detail description, price etc.

When upgrading an object it would be very good if I can choose my item, have it rezzed in the domain and then a button allowing me to edit it (if I can just modify some minor inworld things like dimensions etc, scripts).

Would it be so difficult to do?


I quite agree and I wondered why we have to upload each and every texture and create the folder structure ourselves. Since the folders and the content is predefined by type it would be a simple matter for HiFi to determine where they should go without putting the burden on the user. Why not allow builders to put everything in a hierarchical folder structure within a zip file and upload it? GZIP would be a logical format which could be parsed in real time to deliver content in world.


Had an answer right now:

"Unfortunately we do not feel this submission is up to quality standards on the Marketplace and have decided not to approve it at this time. We encourage you to continue improving on this submission and greatly appreciate the work you have put in.

Please also be sure to correct the URL’s in your .json file to properly point to the content uploaded to the marketplace."

Apart from the quality standards unmet which is something that can be debatable in its own, but the main point is that still the .json file is wrong. So I can confirm that if one wanted to publish something with the “right” quality you have to go over some huge effort…

Nothing in the rejection email stated exactly what was exactly wrong and how to fix it.

The procedure I followed was:

  1. Import the fbx object in the atp server
  2. rez the object (fixing grabbable)
  3. save the entity as json
  4. submit the two files.

Should anybody help me in understanding what I did wrong, I attach here the two files I submit just to understand what was wrong.(I won’t in anycase publish anything on the marketplace since it seems that there is a censorship on the quality of the objects).


This json exporter is a bit buggy.
This for starter:

            "dimensions": {
                "blue": 1.7531355619430542,
                "green": 2.652064561843872,
                "red": 3.841329336166382,
                "x": 3.841329336166382,
                "y": 2.652064561843872,
                "z": 1.7531355619430542

It’s probably already fixed in a next build, I think someone was working on this.

It’s better to do a clean up in the json file, update the url.
and test it before do the submit on the marketplace…


First upload the fbx file to the marketplace, the copy its url which displays below. Then paste that url into where you have the ‘atp…’ url in Json file.