Adding textures to primitives


This might be a very dumb question, but how does one add textures to primitives? Models seem to have a texture field and primitives do not and only seem to have a color field. What am I missing?


Nothing. Currently primitives are untexturable by normal conventions. You either have to write a shader or use other means (like the blender add on’s import feature ,) there is a material setup system in the works though


humbletim was showing me a method using shaders but it seems too complicated for its own good at this time. Was just trying to cover up an ugly model in a house that I do not have the .fbx file of.


  "ProceduralEntity": {
    "version": 2,
    "shaderUrl": "",
    "uniforms": {
      "uvscale": [
      "specular": [
      "shininess": 75,
      "emit": 0
    "channels": [
  "grabbableKey": {
    "wantsTrigger": true

my hack: