Addition of 'friends' list to make online status only visible to friends


You can now edit your friends list. This will shortly also be available via a button in users.js.

From that page you can add other users as friends by entering their High Fidelity username. You can remove anybody you have previously made your friend by clicking on their name in the list.

Via users.js and using the latest Interface client - if you switch to ‘friends only’ mode, only the people shown in this list will be able to see that you are online and jump to you.


Is this an asymmetrical transaction or will adding a user to my list add me to their roster as well?


Great question.

Asymmetrical - the fact that you say bob is your friend does not make you bob’s friend

I’m not sure that ‘friend’ is the right word for this feature, so it’s possible that will change - but it will always be asymmetrical.


Contacts is better. There’s the long debated subconscious emo baggage that goes with a friends list vs contacts. I’d prefer the symmetrical approach of SL where both sides have to agree, but, that’s probably just me.


I guess that’s sort of what I mean when I say I don’t know if ‘friends’ is the right term - and I’m not sure contacts is either. Both assume some kind of symmetrical agreement between two parties that both are on each other’s lists.

This feature right now is more ‘trusted people’. It indicates who you will let see your location when you switch into “friends only” mode. That is why there isn’t symmetry required. I could set my list so that philip can see when I am online if I pop into “friends only” mode, but there should be no requirement that I also be on his list for that to work.


Fair enough. It’s a slightly different logic than the traditional way some of us think of these things. Thanks for taking time to answer.