Addition of local paths in domain-server


Yesterday we added the ‘Paths’ feature to the domain-server.

You can find it in your domain-server settings (usually at http://localhost:40100 or by clicking the ‘Settings’ button on your StackManager).

Add any paths and the resulting viewpoints to this table. The ‘/’ is the index path. This is where clients will connect if they do not enter a path.

When a user visiting your domain uses one of these paths while entering your domain into the address bar, they will connect at the viewpoint for that path.

For example, if my domain name is “beer” and I have the following paths

“/” - “/10,10,10”
“/garden” - “/512,512,512”

If I enter “beer” in the address bar (and the place “beer” in the metaverse server does not have a path) then I will connect at /10,10,10.

If I enter “beer/garden” in the address bar - even if the place “beer” has it’s own path as defined by the place owner on the metaverse server - then I will connect at /512,512,512.

At any time while inside the domain that beer points to, I can pull up the address bar and type “/garden” to jump to “/512,512,512” or “/” to jump to “/10,10,10”.

There may still be some bugs to work out - right now the request of a viewpoint by the Interface client is not made reliably. If you enter a path you know the domain has and it doesn’t jump to the viewpoint, try again. It is possible either the packet you sent the domain-server or the packet sent to you from the domain-server got lost.


You may remember that a place owner can set a path on their place at - which path gets used when you jump to a place can be a little confusing so I’ll try and explain that here.

That is my place name “beer” - it points to one of my domains and has a path of ‘/100,100,100’.

When you type into the address bar in Interface (this is what pops up when you hit enter), if you enter any path at all, that will override whatever path comes with the place you are looking up. This includes explicitly adding the index path.

If you type ‘beer’ you will go to the path from the metaverse server - “/100,100,100”.
If you type ‘beer/’ you are explicitly asking for the index path - you will go to the index path the domain-server defines, if it exists.
If you type ‘beer/garden’ you will go to the path for garden (if it exists), not “/100,100,100”.

If the place owner hasn’t set a path and the domain owner has no index path in their settings and you enter just the place name into the address bar, you will stay at your current position and orientation but move to the new domain.