AFK script and greeter


Hiya, here’s the latest script, this one started as a chat responder, so you turn it on and it will send a prerecorded message to chat, with a couple of default greetings and an option to write your own message, this will fire every time someone says @yourName in chat. This is turned off as default so you can load it safely and start when ready.

Then I added another feature, some chat gestures, one click sends the message to chat, theres a “happy holidays”, musical notes, hearts and a little smiley face, everyone loves a smiley face.

Load the script and look for a new menu item called Greetings and you can set your custom greeting before starting it, you can change the greetings any time.

It does not need to be started for the gestures to work, start applies to the auto responder.

Have fun kids, IM me with any suggestions (lol) but seriously any feature requests considered.

Get your copy of the script here…