Agent API deprecated functions removal


Hey there,

The 0.71.0 release will remove the following already deprecated Agent functions.

  • Agent.stop()
  • Agent.sendStatsPacket()
  • Agent.clearQueuedCheckIns()

And the following signals:

  • Agent.finished
  • Agent.domainSettingsRequestFailed

This change will only affect assignment-client scripts.

Please let us know if you have any questions.


Is there a documented replacement?


Hi @Menithal , the deprecated API functions do not have a replacement because they were not meant to be exposed to the API. Were you using one of the deprecated functions / signals?


No, I was just asking since I was assuming the Agent* functions were used by the Assignment client to run NPCs.

So you mean to say the Assignment client can no longer run agents? or is just specifically those functions instead?


The rest of the Agent API should still work. Just not these, listed, unused functions.

For example: is actually something that only should be called in the application itself, calling it multiple times could lead up to a crash.

To make an assignment-client script become an avatar you can still use Agent.isAvatar = true;


Note that the deprecated Agent.stop() is accomplishable in an Agent script with Script.stop().