Ahhh the good ol' days


Found this floating around my hard drive. I’ll probably post it again like 10 years from now.



"…they are not hardcore gamers who go to the arcade"
When was this written, 1988? :laughing:


Awaiting the next issue


My stack manager on windows, to update it , i have to disable it turning on with the pc, reboot the pc then update it. If i just stop it all the thready things keep on running
We sort of have a sit but its embarissingly bad so i dont want to show it to anyone.
Inworld music is playing music though the voice channel in mono. Whist mono is nice if your the beatles trying to cash in on a re release its no next gen
Private messaging, yeah that old text chat chestnut again

But yay to how voice sounds and how the colissions work


I could do it again. My graphics skills have gotten better, lol


U gottaaaaaa
in a distance travelled kinda way. The landscapes changed
Its feeling kinda directionless lately
theres a woody allen quote from love and death

Good. I’ve given it a lot of thought

and I’ve come up with all the little details.

If I can just think of the main points,

we got something!


hey, I resemble that remark!!


These days, you’re far more likely to find hardcore gamers at white nationalist rallies than at arcades. Sad truth.

Most of the people who still go to arcades are people with only a casual interest in videogames, like parents taking their kids for some family time.