AI Tools (articles/papers/github)


What high end AI (Machine Learning) might be useful in the context of High Fidelity? I will post up articles/papers/github projects of code that I think could be integrated and useful.

Here is one to start it off:


@humbletim This is what I was talking with you about.


I read today that Mixamo uses machine learning for animation and modeling of characters:
It’s probably similar to the link you posted.

I’ve wondered a lot about how search will work with 3D worlds. It might be possible to assign features to a virtual world based on the assets in them. You could then do some sort of dimensionality reduction with machine learning on those features to classify them to make searching for a particular type of world easier.


From the CTO of Mixamo:
"The Mixamo auto-rigger is different from everything else because it uses machine learning (man we spent long years in school at Stanford) to learn the best rigging/skinning from real artists. On top of that we threw a ridiculous amount of math to calculate optimal location of joints,deal with multilple overlapping/non-overlapping meshes etc."
So yeah its cool :slight_smile: It only applies a mesh to a rig (ie rigging)
The code I posted animates the avatar skeleton after the rigging has already been done.