Allow Creation of Multiple Wallets and Mnemonic Paper Wallets


One of the things that allows people to backup wallets of create paper wallets are advanced pass phrases:

Basically look at any crypto currencies out there, and most wallets are generated via a randomly generated passphrase mnemonic like BIP39, which can be written down on paper as a “Backup”. Even though I have digital multiple backups, having a paper backup would make me feel more at ease with the crypto. How come this is not available by default?

I think allowing users to create a separate, more high secure “Bank” Wallet and “Use” Wallet would be good to have. the Use wallet would allow for weaker password to make it easier to access while in HMD or have a “remember me”, but would warn one from keeping too much cash in there but otherwise functionally the same. The Bank Wallet would be one where a proper password would be required. Use wallet would be the one with the ownership of inventory and some cash, while “Bank wallet” would be for major reserves of cash.


Yes i wanted o backup it on paper to.
I can pint he passphrase. But the key file is not a good idea.

Also i do not understand why high fidelity s giving the hint to backup you key to dropbox. Very bad hint for my feeling. Unless the have a deal with the nsa. :grin: