Allow HMD mirror desktop view to be detached from the users point of view


Been talking to drax bout this but it currently can’t be done as is without a secondary client doing the camera, which isnt ideal since it needs another computer or the ability to run two clients (which isnt idea due to performance in VR!).

When the user is in HMD. Most likely they will just want to be in the perspective of where they expect their head to be at.

However, if one wants to create machinema on demand while in HMD, it requires either a use of a record script or by recording what the observer may see as non-ideal (as, well… Head movement), and streaming through such, or recording such isnt that great for the observer.

But what about making it into something the user can grab, and place on the scene. While the mirror on the desktop, instead is rendering from that point of view? Sorta like how Job simulator or Fantastic Contraptions do it?

I mean camera entities are a thing, but if one uses that through script, it overrides the HMD position from the point of the user.
But what about an SpectatorCamera / ExternalCamera that only is shown on the Desktop, if the user is in HMD mode?

This could allow for some wild stuff, such as another user being literally the cameraman for another user, etc without effecting the other, or allowing doing “selfies” or other camera actions you couldnt do when in the hmd without getting sick.


thx for posting Menithal! For the [secret] project we are preparing flexibility of camera movement is key indeed!

The producer script works very welll for some purposes as does being in mirror mode WHILE holding the HMD and moving with the keyboard keys [kind of a cool handheld effect].

Lots can be accomplished with having a dedicated camera avatar vis-a-vis the actors!

A great inspiration what is doable for example in TVori =