Allow us to only install the sandbox


Noticed just a few moments ago while updating my Remote Domain that the Interface is now forcefully installed,
when my server complained that it has no openGL (Doh, it has no graphics card!)

I’d just want to install only the Sandbox on my remote server.
I suggest Allow the interface to be unchecked, but warn the user that the interface is the main client.

Some dialog-box matters in Interface

I am less worried about having interface installed on my server, but far more concerned that there is no way to prevent it from starting up after an install. Two new persisted options need to be added to the setup:

[x] Start interface after installation
[x] Ask to load new content

My server used to work flawlessly during restarts 9usually after Windows updates) and now it gets jammed asking whether I want new content loaded. And the server gets interface launched. Please, if you are adding new setup functionality, make a corresponding option to disable it. Thanks.


This as well, load new content gets really damn annoying


Gosh, you guys did wake up. after few weeks :grinning:
Anyway thanks for extra sipport, the are fixing it soon so far i know.
Blame steam launvh for this problem.