Allow us to set Textures on Avatars like they work on Entities


Could bring up a bit more variation if we could adjust the textures loaded for avatars and attachments, similarly how you can do it with entities :slight_smile:. That is a temporary measure for variation, until we have better control over shapekeys as I’ve defined in the Avatar Standard Specification I made a good year ago.

I am currently planning on reworking my old legacy avatars into PBR in High Fidelity into a more updated look just to spice things up, but it would be nice if people could mod the textures since we do not have that many avatars yet out.


Is a good idea, wonders if being able to access material colours inworld could be useful also
I was playing with blenders vertex colour which is still mostly broken. That working would be so useful to shade models which have tiled textures


If the fix the mixamo avatars so the look normal and good again. It’s more easy to make own clothing to i think. Avatar things other long todo list.

But changing textures would make it at least more easy to make it more like individual avatar.


Considering the PBR makes it wonderfully easy just to color swap the albeido of objects, but still look good, definitely.


Yeah - we probably need access to the texture JSON field for AVs same as models. It would be nice if (pseudo-code) you could;
set.myAvTextureBlock = someJSONblock;


But, and mabye that is the reason why it’s not implemented. How do you make sure only you can change it. and not also everyone on the domain with edit rights ?


It would be done by having an owner ID that only the owner is permitted to make changes to entity/avatar info.


Considering you already have access to, and can adjust avatar url location though the MyAvatar object, I do not see a difference of adjusting the Avatar textures sources either.

MyAvatar just needs some general safeguards so that only authorized local scripts have access to it


Well, on the subject of Mixamo avatars and clothing, I did a search for it… and came across this page on HiFi avatars, which features Mixamo avatar making prominantly:

…and also quickly noticed all the pictures in it seem to be broken links. Whoops! OO That needs to be fixed. :smiley: