Alpha Meetup August 8th @ 2pm PDT


Hi All,

Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow.

Agenda for tomorrow:

-Overview on the weeks updates.
-Checking out something I have put up on
-Show and tell from anyone on the Alpha community (Maybe we can go over to a public stack manager)



Extra question for chris.
Is there already a linux domain server packadge that you can install and run ?


Hi @Richardus we have not packaged one up, BUT, if you are on Linux you should be able to do it. The source code is here . Only Qt and quazip are required.


I’m gonna give building this a shot too. hopefully it works on x86 (as opposed to amd64).


Here is the Alpha meetup hangout recording. First part of the meeting I am running through some of the basics for getting up and going within High Fidelity.