Alpha meetup: Friday Jan 8th, 2016 @ 2pm PST


Hi All,

Welcome back to the new year. Looking forward to catching up.

Some Agenda suggestions:

-Oculus Rift CV1 (obviously worthy of some discussion)
-Going over the Newsletter that I sent out.

We can meet @ hifi://sandbox/winter



Do you mean Friday, January 8th?


Chris, I truly hope you will discuss HF plans, priorities and estimated time tables in that meeting. You have a lot of confused and despondent alphas looking for answers and direction.


Thanks @Orion.Pseudo, I do that all the time.


@Balpien_Hammere, I can go over anything you want that we have answers for.


I’ll be at 35000 feet over North Carolina winging it westward at that time so look here:
and, from another previous post:
“Next year needs transparency into goals and estimated time tables. Even a relative priority to emerging features and capabilities would be a tremendous help to lets us organize our time and effort or to determine when our specific skills might became useful. I personally do not want to just flail about here next year [2016].”

Specifically, when will avatar rigging get fixed?
When will a working blender based avatar model process get created?
Are there plans to provide avatar basic morphing/editing tools, and if so, when?
At what point will fbx and obj import bugs get fixed? When will relative folders work both directly and using atp?
Is HF planning to fix mouse based movement, camera controls, editing?
Or, is that something every world builder needs to do on their own? If so, any standards guidance from HF?
Is there anything HF is going to do to set up some basic in-world editing/morphing of mesh models, notably planar models aka ‘terrain editing’.
If so, when?

This is just a small list of many other development questions people have asked. knowing if and when something is going to get done helps us schedule our time. Most important is getting feedback if some feature is not being considered.

Looking forward to seeing the meeting video!


This will never happen ever.its 2 difficult for them and us let it go

eats his words


And i still cannot uninstall high fidelity on windows 10. so i can do a clean one after that.


@chris, would you repost the video? That post was lost in the transition to the new discourse.


Here you go:


I think these weekly meetups are fine, but I think they would work much better as a twitch-like podcast rather than in-world meetings (or maybe both?). Right now it is just too much of a problem to get so many people in one area. It’s nice to be able to actually show things people are working on, but the same thing could be done with live in-world video. Maybe these meetings could be broadcast live as they happen with a video feed of the actual faces of the people conducting the meetup? It would help to bring it to more people (those who don’t have an account and are curious as to what is going on with HiFi).


I can try a realtime youtube video.


Twitch has video with a chatroom viewers can use to ask questions.


but twitch seems to be against virtual world streaming I guess it’s not gaming enough for them.


I think youtube has chat. If I do it in Youtube it will keep the history under our channel.