Alpha meetup. June 26 @ 2pm PDT


Hi All,

Location: hifi://hq/meetup


  • Graphics engine updates
  • Bug fixes
  • Cell project
  • Marketplace

See you all at 2pm PDT.



I hope I do not crash before the meeting like I did last week


This is the one that I discussed about CC : @Philip but if you can figure out the p2p and using that as DRM method, will be interested, but wondering how it would work if no one else would be in the domain at the moment? Also how about blackhole points (places where p2p is disallowed?)


Dang, I had to drop out as my other RL meeting started. Will catch it on the vid replay.


RE: p2p… I’m not sure precisely what this means these days (it used to mean Point to Point), but I assume that ftp is part of that broad term.

Over the past week or so I’ve noticed that anything I create and put on my ftp server is no longer showing up inworld. THIS is causing a MAJOR PROBLEM as I have a SEVERELY LIMITED amount of webspace on my webhost.

Can we reinclude the ftp services so those of us that didn’t have an ancient dropbox account can continue to build and drop it inworld?


P2P means Peer to Peer. As in client shared stuff to other clients


Okay they so changed the P part a bit, but in meaning it is still the same, be it machine, web addy or whatever.


Was a vid made of this week’s meetup? I missed a goodly part of it, and all the mentions of peer-to-peer for asset delivery suggests there was a lot of discussion on it.


Chris generally makes a video of every meeting. (where it is, I could not say)


@chris Do you have a video of this meetup? I missed the first part.