Alpha meetup. Thursday, August 6th @ 2pm PDT


Hi All,

I am going to do the Alpha meeting on Thursday August 6, @2pm. (9pm UTC


We can meet on the hifi://Sandbox .



Here is the video from the meetup:


Thanks for the vid. I dropped in the middle of what I was saying because my laptop powered off - didn’t realize it was running on batteries, and then, on power-up, Windows 10 decided to apply a ton of updates (just 'cause it can) and do a disk check.


Watching the video, there was a question of why Khaled’s vHACD fails on terrain. The mesh mode has to be manifold. That means it has to solid, a one-sided mesh will not work. The normal must be congruent, cannot have some tris with inverted normals. Also, each triangle must connect to no more than one other triangle.

If thise constraints are not met, the algo will either crash or end up in an infinite loop.