Alpha meetup today at 2pm PDT


Hi All,

Meetup today is at 2pm PDT.



Darn. Only time I can’t go. Take pictures; take prisoners.


We can meet here: hifi://hq/999.177,275.233,828.767/1.37462e-06,0.91759,-5.06671e-07,0.397527


Video from the meetup with Input and output recording. The quality from the recorder did not always work to well.


Chris, thanks so much for recording and posting.

That was a lot of stuff I found helpful, and Interface has almost totally not worked on this Mac Mini for about three days. I couldn’t have attended even if I had been home and online.


The text 'alpha meetup today" is a bit confusing if it appears a few days later again.

@chris , mabey idea to add a week number in the topic title.


is the meetup atill on for today at 2pm PDT


Yeah, here’s the topic: