Alpha meetup will be Thursday the 3rd of July at 2pm PDT


Hi Everyone,

Friday is a public holiday in the US so we will be holding the Alpha meeting on Thursday. If you have anything you want to show in the meeting, let me know so I can make some time.

To those that missed last weeks meeting here are some videos of the performance.


  1. Intro
  2. Updates
  3. Q&A



Duke Skellington ? judas listens to the silenceee


More reasons i cannot come tonight. one of them is that High Fidelity is showing login screen in interface.exe (stil set as fsStayOnTop) :frowning: but cannot login. And im lucky that sometimes this forum page works today.


Hi @Richardus can you you attach a screen shot of what you are describing?


You have the pictures , where again difficult to get on the forum. (time-out) second try worked.


Fun Meetup:

  • We have put an update out to the sandbox that has increased the attenuation of audio, this makes it easier for people to hear in larger meetings. You can experience it by going to the Sandbox.
  • Ryan showed us a script that allows you to connect a midi system into Interface. He gave us a great demo of playing and having Voxels showing up as he played. It was a great effect and you can see the video here:

Happy 4th of July to the US Alphas!