Alpha texture problem ? Or a bug ? or user error?


I found a nice tree on internet i wanted to use to compare. The problem is it looks ok in blender. and high fidelity is failing. the trunk texture seems to be present/ But the leaves… It looks like this

And this is how it looks in blender ?

Why are alpha textures so hard in high fidelity. or why is it every time breaking ? And how to EASY fix it ? Looks a bit like the same bug as mixamo fuse avatars have. SO i would put it under the catergory bugs that still is not fix.


can you paste a URL to the model so I can file a bug and have someone look at it. Thanks.


You get the url tomorrow. need to upload it. and not at the right pc now.


Richardus, I have several questions. First, What type of image is the texture? .png? .tga? If there is transparency ( not on the alpha channel but on the actual layer of the leaves) you can use a plugin by Flaming Pear called the “Solidify B Filter” which will

turn this -

into this-

and the white fringing will be gone.
Its worth a shot if the texture is made correctly to begin with :wink:


It’s png. I never use tga, terrible format also that is for sure a problem with transparency. Im not complete sure on wich layer the alpha is. for me alpha = transparency. because i never seen other settings in paint programs.

Going to look at the tool you talk about !


I cannot find that add-on in blender. and in google i only find soemthing for photoshop. That’s useless to because i do not use photoshop. SO, still at the start line.

It’s better if it just get fixed in high fidelity. It worked in the past !


Ahh yes its a plugin for photoshop. It essentially removes the white fringe from around the transparency. I did misunderstand your original post. This will only be a solution for when they fix the alphas in Hifi. So in the future ( or anyone reading this post) if you have an alpha thats fringed out white, use this filter to remove them for clean transparencies :wink:


As long you have photoshop off course. Many not have that.


ok so I did some alpha testing and got it to work. What I did is use a 32 bit Targa file for diffuse which has an alpha layer. a normal map , then a small black image for the metallic, and a white image for roughness.

I would look into a paint program that would allow you to create alpha layers on your images. Maybe there is a freebie out there? Anywho…

I used Maya to assign my materials with the Stingray Material. ( blender may have a similar workflow for PBRs but im not sure about it )
you can see where the alpha should be around the leaves on the geometry. Similar to leaves on the tree. the darker green areas are blocked out with the alpha layer ( 32bit targa) and wont show in Hifi. :wink:

assignments -

What is looks like in Hifi -


So alphas do work properly. I hope this helps! :smiley:


I just tested a tree too with the same workflow. Here are the results :smiley: -


Not sure if i can save the texture from my avatar inside blender to tga file. and paint shop pro make alpha alway black. I hate tga, but we can try and see what happens. except the eyebrows are black to. also tga is bloating the fbx gigantic in sense you not get happy.

Mabye you like to try mixamo fuse. but you use maya and then things are complete different.


Tried it with TGA, first with p[aint shop pro. that seems to make the places that is alpha , white and inflate the size with 1MB after saved as TGA. So no Alpha in blender

Jumped to GIMP, that can save the TGA with transparency, Inflates the file size with 2MB. Then i have alpha in blender. And because i lose the whole skin texture now. ANd tried af ew things am lost in what’s wrong. Am short on time to check it correct.

I think i hate PBR, it worked fine and easy before the PBR. it make things difficult. Especially if High Fidelitiy lost some support with alpha or it’s some material layer that go wrong.

If your not a 3D expert with expensive (bad readable) software. You get complete stuck. Blender and mabye Gimp are tools people use. In my case Paint Shop pro.