Alpha version of High Fidelity's Android mobile app now live! We'd appreciate your feedback


Hey everyone!

We’re excited to announce that we’ve launched the alpha version of High Fidelity’s Android mobile app (called High Fidelity - Live VR Experiences) today! Now, you have the ability to join domains like TheSpot, Mexico, SVVR from your Daydream-ready phone to attend face-to-face events and interact with real people in the virtual world. Please note that this alpha version is not designed for Daydream View.

It’s important to us that testers are able to have an open conversation about feedback and improvements we can make so you can join real, live experiences with other people in virtual spaces right from your phone.

Are you an Android user eager to try out our new app and interested in testing it out?

If so, please fill out this form to add yourself to the list, and we will reach out to you within the next week to start gathering feedback.

Specifically, we will be asking our testers to stay in communication with us by emailing us at and will be limiting feedback to the following categories to start:

  1. Crash events
  2. Feature improvement suggestions
  3. Usability improvement suggestions

We’re looking forward to your feedback about High Fidelity mobile!

Thanks in advance for your feedback!

HighFidelity on Daydream
Beta Release 68

The form seems to be set to private:



Oopsydaisy. Should be fixed now. Try again and let me know?


Still broken.


Thanks, we’re investigating.


Do me the favor of trying one more time? Settings have been fiddled again.



Many thanks, @AlphaVersionD!


I could not install the app from
When trying to install on my huawei p8 max it doesn’t recognize the device as a valid one. Which are the requisites to be able to run this client? Or is it something that can be only installed as apk and with a kind of alpha authorization? Should I ask for the feedback form to be authorized?


May I ask what’s the status of the Linux version?


Unfortunately the P8max doesn’t support OpenGL 3.2, which we depend on. In the future, we’ll hopefully be able to expand to support more devices. In general, we basically just support Daydream compatible phones right now.


I am going to buy the new Xiaomi Mi Max 3 mobile. It is due to be out with Android 8 support, there will be any chances that this can support HiFi?


I’m not 100% positive…but a quick look at some of the specs makes me think it will work.


Tested on my new Samsung S8+. Works okay with some rendering issues and very slow loading. A few things, though:

  1. Don’t change my avatar after I set it. Through some trickery, I was able to load my personal avatar up and all features worked great! Flow, tail wag, and hoof sounds all operated without issues, but as soon as I change location, suddenly Woody. It is bad enough I use a backdoor method to do something that is easy in desktop, but reverting my changes is not cool.
  2. Bring the analog control to desktop! Seriously, give the dev who got that working a Klondike Bar. It feels buttery smooth and would be fantastic to have for VR use.
  3. A people’s list would be nice to have. The only way to figure out what is going on is to check the overhead view, which isn’t always useful or tell me who is actually in the area. Just a simple list would do.
  4. Option to control camera distance. Seriously, the camera is much closer than I would want it to be.
  5. Better indication of what users are running on (for now). This is mostly to help other people who may try to give advice for the normal builds of Interface which do not apply to the Android build. Maybe a Green Woody? Or sky blue to indicate the Daydream build? As the Android version better matches the features of desktop, this could be removed as to avoid people from associating people based on their running platform.
  6. Options, please! Some the above could be fixed if there was an actual set of options. It doesn’t have to be complex, either. Just Display Name, Avatar URL, camera zoom distance, disable button vibration, and maybe cache location or something like that.
  7. Offer a Daydream-less version. Seriouisly, something like this would be great for my tablet or something with a bigger screen. Having to observe it on a tiny display, despite having the S8+, is really annoying. I will admit that part of this has to do with Lumiya, which is a Second Life viewer based on Android, but it works so well on even my Kindle Fire, that having the bigger display makes it easier to use and overall a lot nicer as well. Being able to talk with people on a slightly bigger display on mobile would be nice to have, and is clearly being demonstrated by having it more or less doing that with the current build. Not to mention, some devices may be completely capable of running it, but aren’t set for DayDream, like the Nvidia shields. This android build running on an Nvidia Shield would be amazing!. Make it happen!

Overall, it isn’t too bad, but the framer ate also needs some serious help. That and the loading time is really a killer, even for The Spot. I was able to play Rez Infinite on DayDream on my train ride with no issue, but chiming into High Fidelity was a bit jumpy, even after checking into the hotel. I have hope, but I also know it will be awhile.


I seriously cannot understand how it works on my android. I’m using it without day dream viewer, and I was able to see something, but can’t change my avatar out from the wooden one and it is tremendously difficult to move or to act in many ways. I really would appreciate if there would be some tutorial or documentation on how to use it (especially just with the phone)…
So far not that impressed by this version, as somebody is telling before, Lumiya for secondlife works much better…


Actually, I just tried Lumiya on my s8 and was presented a VR mode with Daydream. It still runs fine on my Kindle as well with the same updates. So there is no need to make the client exclusive to Daydream phones, especially if others can do it with little issues.


I organized a kind of very elementary treasure hunt in the edu3d domain. It was very very simple: just dropped some textual panel in some places with some kind of passwords and asking people to just explore the environment and finding and enumerate them in a google classroom assignment.

One person did enter with Android mobile app, but couldnt understand how to move, fly etc. So apparently she was completely stuck. I tried myself, but the application kept in disconnecting every 20 seconds and I was obliged to restart the treasure hunt from the starting point, this meaning that this simple interaction is practically impossible to do from the phone…

Since I am using the same wifi either from the desktop and from the phone I am puzzled why the Android is keeping losing the connection AND it goes back to the place selection so starting from square 0 every time (and very slow in doing that). Quite often it crashed so the experience overall is quite disappointing… :frowning:

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