ALT for duplicate = trouble


It where a bad choice to set the ALT key as key for copy entities.
In most programs ALT is used for many other functions like cam around object.
The result is , because high fidelity use again some strange keyboard layout, that you press the ALT key when you want to CAM. But as result you start to duplicate.

Something as SHIFT+D would make more sense.

It happens to many times that yopu press ALT to cam around the object. Like you do in Secondlife. Result is duplication of objects. And still not a good way to cam around object.

Yuck !
Lucky it’s easy to see that you now duplicate a light.


I totally agree.
This is a problem.

But I would prefer CTRL-D than Shift-D (If CTRL-D is already taken…then CTRL-ALT-D, even CTRL-ALT-SHIF-D could be ok.)


I would prefer CTRL-C to copy and CTRL-V to paste.


could be that either.

I think the real issue is the xz dragging instead to have clear arrows to move things. It interfer with the camera operation which is crucial to make adjustment in 3d.
( Maybe this is different in HMD… I have not too much use that mode to edit so far.)

Note that I list the xz dragging, but it’s far to be the most accurate way.


That’s one of the other long standing problems.
To say it in simple dirty words. “The build tool is still crap.”

Btw, it’s already hard to drag on the Y direction. arrow is many times to far away or out of view. (Not X, i wrote first :open_mouth:)