Alternative method of locamotion in VR


As an alternative to teleporting or hookshot swining,

Considering that we already have 3rd person view, this could be doable :). However instead of jumping like that I think it should simply be just slightly above and behind the head, and then we could “point” towards places where the character would walk to instead of using sticks or which ever (point direction, character will move there)


Interesting, but I personally prefer staying in true 1st-person for the full immersion. How is this better than what could be done in 1-p? I like the simple concept interruptable point-and-go with smart animation, which could include climbing, swimming or whatever.


The main problem with first person locomotion over distance is the fact that not everyone can stomach it. A rule of thumb many have found is that as much as possible one should avoid moving the camera via anything else but the headset.

It is easier to disassociate when you are using a controller, but it is much harder to do if you are standing up.

Sure you can move short distances in the Vive, but for the best comfort for all hmds, there has to be alternative means of moving around too :slight_smile:


Certainly I think this would be a good idea to have as an option you can take when you’re using these kinds of controllers But certainly you should keep full immersion as well as an option to


Here is another one. Only down side is having to turn alot if room is small enough.