Alvie's "Avatars Shop" Opening This Week


Hello everyone,

You may have seen a booth in Welcome in the past few days. We’ve invited an avatar creator to hang out there from time to time and make avatars for folks. Meet Alvie the Wizard!

He’ll be using Adobe Fuse and Maya to make avatars, and can even help you with existing avatars, provided he can do so with those tools. He can create avatars that have a likeness to a look of your request. He can also make texture changes, create accessories, fix weights so your skin and clothing deforms properly, as long as your avatar is a humanoid. Avatars must be appropriate for all ages and currently there is a limit for 1 request per user.

To get started, meet him in Welcome. Here is his current schedule for in-world office hours:

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Hey there,
You may notice that the shop ins’t in Welcome anymore. Alvie’s having some technical difficulties. When he gets them fixed, we’ll see him again!


Good news everyone! Alvie’s back!
Starting right now, you can follow this schedule to catch him online in Welcome. Just remember to search for the Avatars Shop!

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