Always happen at weekends. HTC handcontroller button broke


I call it the @menithal problem. As far i know you where the first with this propblem.

My left handcontroller pad button right stopped working or works very unreliable. It seems to happen more. Really week design point. Need to contact HTC next week for warranty. The button also sound different.

Mabye it works again if the batetry is more charged. but it always worked fine with 1 led still green. I know more tomorrow.


Our hero of heroes @humbletim wrote a script to change the “flying button” from the touchpad to the left menu button. It can be found here:

And here is also a nice thread about broken controllers :wink:


Yeah, I gave up on sending my controllers to HTC and fixed them my self its a bit tricky to do and requires patiences, but its a very easy thing to fix (just moving the nib). Although as of recently it seems to auto-correct it self.

If you still have warranty though consider using it.


Thanks @menithal. yes there’s still warranty. otherwise i would have opened it. it seems pretty double. especially with the spatula i have.

I think it’s mabye other seller. but i have the TE-03

I contacted HTC, i where hoping to send it out today.
But the RMA label takes long to receive this time.
So, we go for the warranty.

Did you glue the rubber pad ?

Just boxed the controller. bring it away tomorrow.


Nah i didnt glue it, i just moved it back in place for now.

The thing bout opening the controllers is that there is a part that is really thin and you have to be really patient to remove it, ifix it covered it nicely though.


That is why it comes back.
Yes i have seen some video.

But for now, it’s send back.


I have just my controller back and tested. It works fine again.
The have repaired it. I hope correct.

Well, i have at least me set back.


@Menithal I hate repair centers. The always do more bad then good.
I just noticed that the did soem pretty bad damage as far my eyes see to a few screws in the hand controller.

SO, now you nee to chat with them, the need to put at least a notice in tyhe system about this. I checked the controller afater arival for damage and if it worked. Not for damaged screws.

Your really need to use bad tools i think. And you expect HTC repair center have that. Not so sure. You know if ther screw get easy in and out.

Things like this are not good for sleep :frowning:

ADD: Sounds like ity’s going to be send back again.
So not sure if am tonight in desktop mode or a vive + xbox controller combination.

I did knew it where risky to order soemthing expensive on internet.
Things like this you buy in local store where you also get longer warranty and can say, it’s broken. fix it.

Now, time to pack it.

ADD: April 10
Seems the device is ready to be shipped back to me. The just got it today. :open_mouth: Hope it’s now all fine.

ADD: april 11
Just got the controller back, it’s now looking how it need to lok with normal not heavy damaged screws. Now a quick test if everything dtill works.


The problem is back again, after a while the right side is stopping. Especially if you pressed a while up before and then right. What a bad design.

Let’s see what the say this time. Calling for escalation straight away.


That was the same here…
So instead of waiting another nine days for a crappy repair we switched to “If you want something done well, do it yourself” :wink:


That’s the backup plan. still warranty. And i can wait the few days.

Anyway, i think HTC vive is telling european people a wrong warranty.
But i need to triple check that.