Amazing realism in face captured emotion


Unreal’s Hellblade doing a live performance face capture. It is amazing. This is one of my big wishes to see the reinstatement of face capture in HF.

HF forums still has a bug that strips parameters like the time index. Follow this link to get to the right place:

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While I agree that facial capture was a lot of fun in High Fidelity, in order to pick this pack up as a value add you have IMO two camps. 1) How does this play with VR headsets the prime and semi exclusive focus of High Fidelity and 2) what hardware would be base this around? Which standard is universal enough for us to ensure the largest variety of users.

Either way Unreal Engine continues to inspire VR directors, artists and I think from some of their work we can take inspiration of ideas, especially the way they do a more polished editor while being in VR.


I think am pretty happy that there are no facial expressions.
Besdies what you say, the don’t work in HMD.


Facial expressions and presence were fundamental to what made HF so appealing to me in the first place. I am so sad that we lost this