Amazon S3 Free Trial Expiring


OK, so I got an email from Amazon that my trial time was ending and I would soon have to start paying for the hosting of my content.

Does anyone have any good free alternatives? I know there must be some.
I had no problems with S3, but would I pay for it? Doubtful. I spend a lot of time refining and refining models that are just never truly finished. That would cost me a lot.

Any ideas would be welcome. Thanks.


I also had a free S3 Account and left after i realised the likely cost.
Free alternatives, nope i couldn’t find anything, instead i opted for a Digital Ocean account, they say "priced @ $5 per month " but my average monthly bill there is currently around $6 (£4.05) and likely to increase


Crazy idea, have you tried using the atp built into the stack manager?


The Digial Ocean charge by the hour actually than the month the instance is on: Its 0.007 dollars an hour at lowest tier… And depending on amount of hours in a day, so it will change. That’s not including taxes.

In anycase, the only way to do it “free” is to host the files your self on the same server as your Domain, have another computer do file hosting, or simply use ATP as Judas pointed out: What I use for mine is just a Tomcat setup on Raspberry PI (v2.0) through DynDNS, which you can define a subdomain for free, and point it towards your own server. The down side of having a “Free” account is the fact that you have to log in every 30 days to make sure your subdomain reservation remains consistant.

But generally there is no such thing as “free” anywhere.


There are no good free alternatives but one: host your own assets using ATP. It is free in the sense that if you have room on the hard drive of your computer, are OK leaving it up 24/7 so that others can see your creations, and if your current network connection has sufficient uplink bandwidth, then you are good to go. Or, pay $5-30/month to get your domain hosted somewhere.

Eventually, there will be asset storage brokers that plug into ATP, and perhaps they can find ways to offer asset storage at prices lower than the already modest prices offered by virtual private server providers, but it is not going to be free.


@Judas that’s the main reason for me plus some added security


Sadly you dont get “good” and “free” you must choose only one.

I can actually point you to a “reasonable” free option that I use with Hifi,
Its only 250MB, and it can be slow at times but it will get you out of trouble,

Go to and click  “Sign up for free hosting”.
When they ask for username, this will be your subdomain name, if you choose “example” then your URL will be

Once you’re signed up, go to and log in to VistaPanel, then click on “File Manager” then go to htdocs, this is your webroot where all the models get uploaded to. once in that directory, click “Upload” at the top, and browse to the model to be uploaded. And click the blue check.

And remember the 2 URLs we have to work with, the cPanel one for uploading to the webserver, and the one that you registered is the url to use in hifi to call the models in.

If you need any more help ask away.


Such content is only available relative to the domain on which it’s hosted. It’s a decent solution for hosting baked content on your own domain, but a poor solution for developing content (where you might want to rapidly modify content hosted locally without having to modify the paths in the entity) or for distributing content on the market.


My dream is to host all my stuff on my atp but not have my crap net eaten by it because everyone who has been b4 has it cached already.

I think that hifi should offer some asset storage when people buy a domain name at some point to smooth the transition into this way of working