Amazon s3 Really bloody slow in the uk


Amazon s3 Really bloody slow in the uk

The last say 2 days I’m getting really slow downloads for the interface and all assets stored on the s3
Interface is saying 3 hours for a download, normally its 20 seconds of a job
I’m in the UK thoys in Holland is getting normal performance.


S3 is more slow. Sometimes a download of Interface update is taking longer then needed.
That is why High Fidelity is so intressting, because you can choice where to place the content. Still hoping That SanSar is a combination of high fidelity (own server) and some things from Secondlife.


It’s not just you, it’s slow in the US too. If we are going to have to update a 200mb interface every 5 minutes the least that can happen is to have a decent download speed.