An Alternative Entities Editor


Already have me own default. But high fidelity hsve a weak point.
You cannot set the defaultscript in high fidelity. i named mine different to avoid overwritting. But the button load default scripts is still using the wrong one. useless button.

Only not tried the other inspect scropt.


Thanks, I have found the tool to be working very well in general after a bit more time with it.
I notice 2 features that seem to be missing that were bothering me, otherwise it was providing a great alternative.
The multiple selections as previous, also it seems like there’s no undo/redo history support yet.


Thanks @Triplelexx Correct, there’s no undo/redo yet. It’s on my list as a high priority and I’ve added your vote for it : )


applauds CtrlADavid’s edit.js , at last we have constrain x and y which makes this tool so much better than the prrevious editor.
Can i request, in due course, Copy buttons for both - Copy Position and Copy Dimension


Really like to try it more. as soon QT have better font and size.


@Ritzo Thanks, noted.

@Richardus.Raymaker I’ll be looking at improving the font / sizing this weekend.


Afont size slider or size selector


Or just 2 buttons, bigger - smaller. if that is more easy. As long it remembers the setting.


+1 undo
+1 multiple select
+1 for copy position and especially copy dimensions.
also I’d like the scale %, its too hard to scale an odd size object in 3 dimensions.

Still lovin this. :smile:


Release 0.1.1-48: A small update with a couple of changes:

  • Improve fonts and style for legibility.
  • Fix JavaScript error upon Ctrl/Shift key combinations while manipulating an entity.

Question: Is an ability to increase the font size still needed? @Richardus.Raymaker @Judas


I found that much clearer to read, thanks for that :).
Re increasing font size That’s more a thing the viewer could use globally rather than your script specifically


On the first look it could be fine. but am sick so that means a bit more problems with eyes too. Only stupid i where first looking for button :open_mouth: I think it’s fine for now.

What judas say. if with this font setting you can scale everything in interface with font sioze would be great.


Now this is a very good ask. Is there a scripted interface to change some of the interface app’s settings? Specifically is there an overall font size of general DPI adjustment in interface?


@Balpien.Hammerer I can’t see any UI DPI, scale, or zoom settings in the current API (from the output of currentAPI.js), and I’ve not heard of any such thing.


Release 0.1.2-50:

  • Add “Rescale” field and button.
  • Some code tidying and optimization.


If your after suggestions for usability improvements which you may not be lol
The entity list could use a search
the entity list could use a sort function , type name model, date etc
id love to be able to select an item in the entity list copy and paste it in front of me i.e i have a chair with a sit script script in it and a set of changes made(scaling and stuff) to it on the far side of my domain that I need a copy of in a different location.

Judas forever suggesting things he has no idea of the complexity of


@Judas I’ve added your votes for search and sorting, thanks.
Nice idea and use case for copy / paste entities!
Beer not included 'cos, well, it looks good in my refrigerator


Note the subtle mention of a sit script :slight_smile:


Still curious what font is used. i noticed that i still like the HiFi one more.
Better colors, better readable (thicker font) or it’s combination from all.
I know the tab font (bold) is good. everything else keeps thin. in this case the tabs in the hifi one could have a better thicker font :open_mouth:

Mabye that is the difference, i think the hifi one use BOLD for almost everything, in combination with the less hard color contrast. The one from ctrlaltdavid keeps thin on my screen. The size cannot be the problem because that is the same n ow.

Really i think it’s BOLD vs not BOLD


Thanks very much for the screen snap, @Richardus.Raymaker . It’s good to see that the font sizing is good for you with Windows at 125% scale, now. To make it more legible, I changed the font to one with thicker strokes, increased its size a fraction, and hardened up the contrast.

Regarding font weights - normal, semi-bold, bold - I think I’ll leave them how they are, at least for now. If everything’s bold, then to call attention to things you need to make those things even bolder, or bigger, or … and can end up with the UI shouting at you. I understand why fonts are bolder in HiFi’s entities editor: to make text more visible in HMDs. My edit’s emphasis is on the desktop use case, with greater information density, and rather than comparing with HiFi’s editor fonts should be compared with other desktop applications.

It also comes down to personal preference and what you’re used to. I may have over-hardened the contrast; I may back it off a little.