An Alternative Entities Editor


the lack of multi-monitor support is a bit of bummer for sure.


One strange thing I noticed while working with your entities editor - when working around objects that have the dynamic option enabled the move handles seem to collide and cause them to react.


Very sad, only. -…-.


@Orion.Pseudo Interesting! I haven’t managed to reproduce the problem, yet. Any other hints?


Release 0.4.2-80

  • Change edit dialog to be inside Interface window. (Use OverlayWebWindow JavaScript object instead of WebWindow which is no longer available.)
  • Make paste multiple entities position them to lie on top of the grid.

Thanks very much for the feedback on the editor dialog being confined to inside Interface’s window. I’ll see what I can do in a subsequent version; just did the minimum amount of work to get the script up and running again for now.

The fonts in this release are a bit faint compared with before. I’ve tweaked them a bit to help improve them but I’ll leave further tweaking until after getting it working in an external dialog, in case the rendering changes again.


Thanks for fixing the webwindow issue so quickly. I have switched back to my own version of default scripts but now I do not see any way to edit anything.

I used to be able to right click and click on edit, then click on edit again to bring up your edit.js script. Or click on menu edit -> edit but now neither of those seem to work for me with the new Interface version in non HMD mode.

Is this just me?


@ctrlaltdavid - Actually, on second look I’m wrong. It turns out its no the move handles causing the reaction, but my mouse. If the move handles are overlapping another dynamic object it seems I’m grabbing through the handle and getting the object behind it.


@Twa_Hinkle Ctrl-E should also open/close the entities editor window.

I wonder … maybe the window’s being opened off screen at the coordinates where you last ran the previous version? … In Interface.ini, in the [General] section, delete the line, “Edit%20Dialog%20Position” and restart Interface. The dialog should now appear in the middle of Interface’s window.

Other possibilities: reload scripts; check in the event log that the correct version of the script is being run (the script logs its version number).

I should make the script sanitize the start position!


@Orion.Pseudo Ah yes, I’ve managed to reproduce it now, thanks! (As well as entities editor, needed to have default scripts running.) I’ll see what can be done.


Not sure position is my problem. I have no edit entry in my [General] section of Interface.ini

but log has exception:
[10/02 23:36:32] [WARNING] [UncaughtException] ReferenceError: Can’t find variable: WebWindow in

so maybe it is a cache thing, although I’ve never had this problem before with new versions of your edit script.


Yes, that looks like the previous version of the script is being loaded … “Reload Script” in the script editor should fix it?

Or more drastic measure would be to delete Interface’s cache.


@Orion.Pseudo I’ve worked out what’s going on re moving dynamic objects behind edit manipulators. The same thing happens with HiFi’s entities editor’s grab handles.


@ctrlaltdavid Does your tool work together with the orginal create tool in the tablet ? So you can run them both. Because your tool does not work in VR as far i know.

First need to try your tool again. It would be interesting if the Hifi create tool only works in VR and your tool only in Desktop mode ?


This is such an old thread! My entities editor is no longer being maintained - except for a recent emergency fix to get it working good-enough for Adrian.

  • It is desktop-only.
  • You can have both scripts running but you can’t use them simultaneously (e.g., if you select an entity you’ll get two sets of GUI translation etc. controls if both dialogs are open).
  • Undo/redo doesn’t work across the apps.



Aha ok. Thanks @ctrlaltdavid i could not find it other thread.
Problem with the tablet version is that you cannot have it floating so it does not interfere with the other tablet elements.

I still preffer the tablet in VR only and a better readable UI in desktop that’s multitasking for building. Waiting for that before you can do something like rebuild something in hifi as compare.

Then ill wait and not try your tool, it’s possible conflicting to much then.