And again - chat, offline messages


It’s around 3 month ago, the last posting to this topic was posted:

Are there any news about this? I miss this so much.


I highly recommend using the High Fidelity discord server for messaging people offline or chatting.


@Konshu That’s not really a good solution at all.

  • It keeps people outside high fidelity. It can take a while before people check the forum.
  • When your in high fidelity people cannot communicate with you to have some fun or need help with testing. The forum is to much outside hifi to get a quick response.


Does someone have an invite-link to the HiFi Discord server?


Why you need invite link ?
It’s available for everyone.
After making HiFi account the can post on it to.


Okay, let me rephrase that: How to I FIND the HiFi Discord server? It doesn’t show up in search at when I do a search for anything related to HiFi, and I don’t know of any other way to track such things down.


You want this i think.


Thank you, now how do I pop this over to my Discord desktop app?

edit: Hmmmmm… It looks like Discord and Glitter (where this chatroom is) are two separate things.


Well ultimately if you’re in VR the challenge statement is copying and pasting isn’t really a task available right now. As far as texting you could build in a keyboard and a chat on screen “pane” however that is as tedious as typing into marketplace search. At the point you have a larger issue of not specifically using chat but the context of the problem which is sharing information, links and or ideas. VR as it stands doesn’t operate on any other real social cues beyond vocal and visual much like we do in the direct real world. I don’t stand in front of you at the coffee shop and send you a link, I typically pull out a cell phone and engage that as a different communication medium. Then there is the question of priority of a chat system developed by HF as a framework or by the community as a plugin / scripted add on considering the heavy list of things HF should be working on, non standard communication (for VR) currently seems to be IMO low priority, though something that needs to be shaken out and addressed. Currently what I do Is I swap between steam and desktop mode while and respond to people in my messenger apps that way. Other ways I have mentioned on how to potentially address this is voice to text messages that force a button press, pulls you out of public voice, pulls you into a voice recognition session, captures voice to text, and then sends… finalizing by returning back to public voice channel.


I’ve used NFC S-BEAM between phones. "Hey heer’s the URL to that site I mentioned… (brings hones near each other… sent). Maybe we need the virtual equivalent of that.


Well, the conclusion is simple. Chat and Im are requirement.
You not go wear all the time HMD, not a good idea to. The conclusion right now is thst you want to wear HMD on special moments.

All the other time you want to kill voice. and work relaxed on desktop, hifi is on tht point 100% better then SL camera.

Also when you build and create your most of the time on desktop. Mabye in the future when headset wear more comfy you wear it longer. Replacing the cotton cushion for the leather the one is big improvement. Now the strap and nose pressure problem.

But at the end eye prblems you cannot fix. Besides, you really not want voice all the time around you.

Expect reuqests that people can turn voice off on domain level complete.


thats right its like putting on a suit


I agree. Most of time I am not using the HMD. When I build - and that is the most of the time, I am on desktop. I use the HMD, when I ‘go out’, or when I inspect the stuff I’ve build.

I don’t want speak, when I am working on my desktop. But, if I am online, and someone jumps by. there is no way to communicate - at the end, the person is frustrated and maybe thinks I am unfriendly.

But maybe, HF is not much interested in that kind of user at moment. I guess, the focus is on all the guys with the ‘new HMD’ and that they have a good experience.


I agree. Until HMD gear stops imitating the Alien face hugger, the comfortable use time will remain low. That is changing now that better head mounting systems are appearing for the Vive and Rift. The comfort is mostly about face pressure, weight and FOV. So, yes, it makes sense that HMD usage is limited to short virtual excursions at least until the FOV hits 120 degrees and the weight drops to standard eyeglass heft and the face squeeze goes away. I am thinking this is 3-5 years away.

So, in the meantime, and especially since building things tends to be done in non-VR mode, let’s make the non-VR experience far better than it is presently.


Very pleased to see that nearby chat is back in the recent client I see. Use View -> Local Chat or \

Not yet sure how it notifies users in vicinity when chat occurs… will try with two avatars on two separate clients soon.