And, the cache bug is still not fixt correctly


When is the cache bug going to be fixt ?
If i say load script from url, it need to load it from url. not from cache !
Yes we can do it the difficult way by adding ?v=1 at the end. But that’s not the solution.
The solution is to load it straight from url and not from cache. Beter fix that now then 12 months later where it is maby harder to fix.


Ignore cache when you load a script from one of the following places.

open and run script from file

open and run script from url

when in edit entity properties -> “script url” best to add reload button there.


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Yes, it is definitely annoying for content developers. But I think this is not a bug and is indeed a feature. (it occurs too with web-browsers, after all) Cache does have its reason to exist, as it saves bandwidth (both provider and client) and makes stuff load faster. It is not really a “difficult way” of adding an additional parameter to the end of the url: it makes sure that anyone who loads the script is also using the same version if they have loaded the script before.

One rule of thumb with web development is that you simply should never, ever force end users to refresh their cache manually to use the latest stuff: instead gracefully use parameters or hashing to denote change.

Having the “open and run script from url” refresh functionality refresh the developers (here after Content Creator or CC) cache would only lead situation where the script wouldn’t match for all users loading the script (or asset) up, and would lead to CC would have to (if they forget to add the parameter) would constantly having to remind end users to refresh their cache for latest content. This sort of having to put parameters at the end of the url is more of a good convention to keep users update, and update their own cache when its needed, and only for the file in question.

So In my opinion, instead of flushing the file cache allocation -constantly- when pressing the load file from url, I think we should focus on better ways to CCs to develop scripts “locally” before the scripts are placed into a host to run for Forexample:

This feature should be present for locally run scripts from file: as you are throwing the latest file at the script processor. But we should go further: after Load script from File, if there are changes done to that file, it will automatically reparse and rerun the script from the file. Once its ready from “production” it can be thrown to the host, and the urls setup.

This way, you have a much, much faster method of development, that does not require you to deal with constantly jumping back and forth with ftp clients to the host and pressing reload / flush cache.
The only issue with this is figuring out how to develop those on entities. Maybe a local “domain” within the client where you can work on entity scripts.


In the script editor the scripts are now loaded really new, if I start the script there new. But this are not only the scripts. For every version of my pose editor I also have changed the button pictures. But they were not loaded new. So I have had to give them always new names. There must be a button for loading also the resources new for the script.


There’s another problem. I now did every time load script from url.
But forgot to remove the old one from running scripts. In the past i asked already to add in running scripts a reload button behind EVERY script. so you can only reload one script. Instead of reload every time everything.

At this points working with scripts is far from simple.

You need to have:

  • running scripts open to remove the old script.
  • load new script from url, dont forget to add the ?v= behind the url. and hope you don’t lose count because the font and color + size is still bad readable.
  • And then you need to have the log window open to check for script errors.

Meanwhile there’s not much world anymore visible to work in :open_mouth:


I Don’t know if it’s already fixt in 2730. But the cache + object upload is biting me very hard.
Still need to use the ?v= trick, and then you need todo it twice because like we talked about it in the last meeting the first try it’s not uploadinmg or appearing on my screen.