And.. the orginal edit tools is still missing the reload button. with result that ATP updated items not update


Lazy, because there’s no good implementation to seperate deskjtop from vive mode. So for now stuck with the hifi edit tool.

With as result, that you still cannot update content , especially with ATP. because the not have the reload button add. So now you need todo very annoying and clear the whole cache for only 1 object ! :unamused:

It’s annoying for mnonts, and it keeps annoying !


You would think by now that editing an object would knock it out of the cache to resync things for the builder.


Having the smallest change in position force the re-download of a potentially many MB file would be far worse for most use cases of editing. However, I agree that forcing a given resource URL out of the cache would be a nice bit of functionality to expose to scripts. There is already an existing function refresh(QUrl url) on the resource cache class, from which ModelCache is derived, and ModelCache is exposed to scripts. Unfortunately the function isn’t marked as being invokable from scripts, so there’s no way to call it.

It should be possible to modify the refresh method to be callable from scripts, which would allow people to either write a script that opens a query dialog and lets you paste a model URL to be refreshed, or to modify the edit script to add a button that does the same.

I think that this will trigger a re-download if the server reports the content as changed, but I’m not 100% certain.

I’ve created a PR here so you can try it out by manually executing a refresh in a console window or custom script and see if it does what you want. If so, we can look at integrating UI into the entity properties window to add reload buttons by model URLs to make it easier to force a reload.


Thanks much, @Jherico, BTW, what I wrote was shorthand for a longer suggestion in which I said that selective cache eviction should happen when people change the various properties of an edited object. For example, if I were to edit the name of a model referenced in an edited entity, even if the name was not changed, that action should cause eviction of that item. But yes, having a general “Refresh/Reload” button in the edit pane is good enough.

[edit] @ctrlaltdavid, a nice eventual add to your edit.js


I actually do not know why my work around was removed since it did work after all.


unfortunately ATP doesn’t support query strings yet so, the ‘hftime’ addition to the asset names was breaking things – sorry. i agree that getting updated assets to have a fast dev cycle (esp on ATP) is important