Animated fbx colission volumes


I have made an animated fbx, I want my avatar to collide with the animated part
The collision volumes seem to stay in the none animated position.
result I don’t collide with it when its moving

Can animated fbx’s be collidable

or is the solution one of those things i cant do starting with jsonstringifyparsingfluxwarpocore vogon


Is the collision hull not always static bound to the center of the avatar ?
Until the can implemenmt collions and the seperate bones.


the collision in the animated fbx needs to move with the model not the collisions in the avatar


How did you animate the entity? I ask because applying translation or rotation to an entity (moving side to side or spinning) is supposed to also adjust the physics shape. If it does not do that then that’s a huge bug. Or, it is a missing but seriously required standard part of interface.


its a platform thats animated up and down, i wanna stand on it but the collision shape remains at frame 0


That is why I was asking how you were doing the movement. Since you mentioned ‘frame 0’ I am guessing you are not writing a script that sets the velocity to move it. Is this a lift (elevator) you are trying to build?

Indeed, if you are using the animation URL, that’s a key-frame pseudo movement method. Physics shape is not affected. It reminds me of how animations in SL are implemented for avatars - they appear to move but their physics shape remains anchored in one spot. I always considered this a bug.


No script animated fbx


Then no joy using frame animation*. If you are making some sort of lift, yes, you will have to write a script that moves it between the two points.

  • HF devs, is the intended usage of frame animation to not adjust/move the physics shape?


dammit -.-
mutters the scripty thing


so not much use


And when hou move a prim with entity properties, do not move it to fast. lastbthe collidion could not follow fast movement. but while ago i tried it.


so we parented an entity to the elevator which rises and falls with the thing but still no workey

Model animations not retaining collisions

Is the elevator moving be script with the entity properties or just by entity properties for movement ? Otherwise i would not see how it can work.


the elevator is an animated fbx
the entity is parented to the fbx and moving with it

I looked at the little popping up obstacles on the minigolf course and assumed they were collidable then they pop up
but it turns out they don’t do anything either.

If i have to make a script to follow exactly the movement of anything I make to make it colidable then thats really impractical


Judas, the reason it snaps back to the bottom is because that is where the collision hull is located. It is telling you that the key frame based animation is illusory. This is exactly the same behavior as the legacy animation system in SL. I’ll ask this question again of the devs: Devs, is key frame animation intended to implemented so that the movement does not include translation/rotating the physics shape? In other words, is this a bug, or is this a feature?


no the snap back is the gif looping it goes up and down smoothly i just cant stand on it


Maybe you could fake it till they make it and (at least for now) just have your lift carry its riders on an FBX joint?

Think… @Triplelexx’s chair – except instead of seating people, you’d momentarily glue them onto your Blender-manged animation sequence.

Some scripting would be needed, but probably less than fluxwarpocore vogon. Like an invisible Zone entity could detect and attached/detached people accordingly:

// on enterEntity:
MyAvatar.setParentJointIndex(Entities.getJointIndex(entityID, "bonename"));

// on leaveEntity:
//(reset the above -- entityID of null and jointIndex of -1 seem to work)

I can’t speak yet to using this approach for conventional lifts, but it seems to work pretty well for one inspired by diamagnetic levitation (


I need to hit a golf ball into it and have it come out along the lines of where it went in :confused:
like all things hifi what seemed like a little fun idea turns tricky