Animated gifs in overlays?


Gifs will show in an image overlay but they are not animated. Any plans to show animated gifs?


I dont know if they will support gifs in the foreseeable future, but as you may already know you can animate an image overlay by joining several images into a single map and running each image as a subimage by a script changing position of the subimage frame, like the simple 2D anims done in SL with multiple subimages on a texture.
Its a bit messy in PS or Gimp but I believe it can be done. Thoys created an example of animated overlays last December, animated santas and xmas stuff, they are 3D overlays but the principles apply to 2D overlays as well.


Well, I would hope at least that the gridded sub-images approach to emulating animated textures would be a temporary approach, since at least the way this sort of thing is handled on SL and the opensim is a bit unsatisfying. The available scripted system for that on opensim makes the assumption the animation sequence is a steady-frame-rate thing, when there are a number of gifs that show one frame of it longer than other frames, for comic timing say, which gets left out of the presentation once it gets to opensim. If something like that is going to be used indefinitely on HiFi, I’d hope they at least provide a way to actually have it translate over the little pauses and slowdowns in the original animated gif as its being converted over.