Animating a simple winged object


Hi trendsetters, This video will explain how by using Blender we can create an animated object ready for High Fidelity.

I will outline the following steps…

build a simple winged object,
how to set bones and parent to the object with automatic weights,
how to set up an animation dope sheet and create a time line,
how to bake the animation to set all frames,
export, upload and import into HF.

Post any questions here and I will try to help as much as I can.

link to the video

link to the script

Correction I stated in the video that you can leave the Pitch Yaw and Roll at all zero, on the script,
in fact you must set Pitch to 270 ( line 18 “var pitch = 0.0;”) or your model will point up instead of forward.
Update We no longer need to use a script to import the object into world, the model tools on the right of the interface, second button looks like a cloud, click that and put the URL where the model is hosted, then when the model comes inworld click the top buytton then select the model then press ’ (left of 1 key top row) then put the same url into the animation url slot and Hifi will do the rest, also lots of new functions to play with these models now not mentioned in this video.
(hard to keep up with alpha development speed)

Model an animation from Blender only 50 frames supported?

Hey, Thanks for spending time explaining things to noobs like me!
It seems like you’ve set the video to “private”, so we can’t see it :frowning:
You should switch it to “unlisted”, that way we can watch it, but it won’t show up in YouTube searches/your public upload list


He could show you but then he’d have to kill you. o.o


Sorry everybody, it has been set to unlisted now so it should be watchable.


Really good tutorial, all nice n clear thanks :smile:


@Adrian great work, very informative.


a little knowledge is a dangerous thing cheers @Adrian


I have just made a discovery, the new tools introduced recently allow us to bring in an animated object without the use of a script, which will then persist until we either delete it from inworld or remove the .fbx file from the webserver.

Have your URL of the hosted object ready,
click on the cloud icon to the right of the screen (import models)
put your URL in there (import your model)
click the cube icon (set to edit mode)
hover over the model to highlight it, left click/hold and press ` ( left of the 1 key)
in the edit window that opens you see your model url and also an animation url
paste the same URL into the animation slot and set “Animation is Playing” to true
you will need to set the Pitch to 270 to make it point forwards.

send credit tips to Adrian :smile:


I tried to follow the instructions with Blender 2.79b, apparently everythng worked pretty well until I did the export in fbx. The maximum I obtained in HiFi is the butterfly just moving a bit up and down but no clue of wings flapping around :frowning:
I followed a similar tutorial on the movements on the planet and it worked much better, but it didn’t refer to bones animation.
Is there something we need to update with new version of Blender 2.79b to make it work again?