Animation from Mixamo


I would like to change the animation, esp for standard walk and downloaded the ‘locomotion pack’ from mixamo with 10 animations. I don’t know what to do as next. Do I need a script to make them work? I found a topic, but it seems you need to change code in the console. It all seems difficult for me. Maybe someone know a step-by-step tutorial for dummies?


For now, it is quite complex, and there is no UI to do so. Either you do it via scripts, or simply point to a new animation json file.

Simplest way would be to point it to a modified animation json file. through the Avatar Settings animation setting, ( i can post the screen shot later today)

Basically, copy this file, and modify paths to the animations to the animations you want to use.

and then replace the paths to the animations you want to use. Just note that you will have to know how long the animations play, and what frame they loop to utilize them to full effect.

###Unfortunately it is completely undocumented.

However, here I have my notes from my experiments with it, that may get you started with it

If you want to select a new animation for your walk cycle: look for the following part

   id: "walkFwd",
   type: "blendLinearMove"

Under this, you have data. The data is some sort of configuration which determines when the user just presses the forward button, presses it long, or has the character start running.

This is followed by a list of children. These children are usually the “clip” type denoting animation files.

Under this you have multiple children which are chosen, depending on how long you press forward button and the configuration in data. The animation definitions here are similar to the ones used in script,

   url: "animations/walk_short_fwd.fbx",
   startFrame: 0,
   endFrame: 39,
   timeScale: 1,
   loopFlag: true

Like with scripts. the url defines the path, either relative to the avatar animation .json file or absolute path to a domain. Unfortunately, like with scripts, youll have to know the range of the animation for it to work properly.

Apply the same logic to turning and idle, grabbing, etc.

Hopefully that helps, with the lack of documentation and tutorials.


Hi @Menithal, thanks for that tutorial, it was a big help, I understand now how it works in general - and I was able to change the animation for standard walk.

But it seems, there is more I need to tweak, or maybe you have an idea what i need to change. Now, with the new animation, it looks like my avi walk away but snaped back, like on a rubber band. Does it means, this animation don’t work for HF, or is it just a configuration problem?


Ah, it looks like the animation is translating the hips.

You may need to modify it to keep hips in a single place.

Not sure I’d there is an in engine method I’m keeping it still. One of the devs could probably give pointers in that.


yep, I will try to do that, thanks @Menithal. It was anyway a big help with your tutorial! :slight_smile: