Animation "hold" property


An animation’s “hold” property: am I correct in thinking that if this is true and an animation ends (e.g., it gets to the last frame and loop = false) then the last frame’s translations and rotations are kept; i.e., the translation and rotation are not reset?


IMO: Thats atleast how it should work

but it is currently broken along with other Entity Animation things


Thanks very much @Meninthal - didn’t notice that PR or associated bug report.


Another related feature would be if the start frame is higher than the end frame, then the animation would be played backwards. (would be nice on audio injectors as well)


Indeed. After doing a few tests, I’m not seeing any effect of the HOLD or LOOP option or the First and Last Frame settings. It seems that when you set the URL and check Animation Playing then the system loops the animation keys in the source scene file.