Animation in docs not reproduceable



I’m focusing primarily on NPC animations, so I started by looking at:
MyAvatar.animation(anim); using the Sintel_v.4 and it works wonderful with the example clap animation.

var clapAnimation = “”;

I then grabbed a .bvh file and converted it to fbx in Blender but when I run the example script with my manipulations, the animation never begins.

I’m reaching out to ask if anyone has had luck with pre-fabbed BVH to FBX to HiFi or do I need to manually adjust the NPC skeletons in Blender (the thought just made me twitch a little)


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Never mind the bone directions. Here is a screen of the anim as imported .fbx to blender.

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Looks neat to me. I’ve never mastered rigging - yet ! :frowning:


@Captain.Oculus are you using the same bone naming convention?


Nope. This was a raw import of a .bvh So allow me to correct myself… IF an animation is to be used, it must also use bones that adhere to the bone naming convention? While this may seem like common sense to some, I totally overlooked it. :smiley:

Thanks for the assist. I guess that is the problem.