Animation is shaking in HF - bug?


Hi there,

I am working on a windmill with an animated slowly spinning wheel. The exported fbx has 4000 frames. Everything Looks smooth in blender. Even the re-imported fbx to blender is spinning smooth (the second vid). Just the uploaded animation to HF is spinning but also shaking. Any idea how to fix that? Or maybe it’s a bug in HF?


That reminds me of some of the problems that I have had with HiFi when I placed things far from the origin position (0, 0, 0).

I might try placing the windmill near or at 0, 0, 0 and see if that helps.

Or, I could be wrong. It is just a thought.


Hello @Twa_Hinkle,

I’ve moved it to 0,0,0 - but it is still shaking. Thank you anyway for your reply :slight_smile:


I was told the upcoming build has a fix in for the fps setting not working maybe not related who knows
Cool windmill by the way


It looks like its shaking due to float precision. I think this is a long standing placement/rendering bug that one of the devs should look at.

Forexample if you place an object, occasionally it sets its rotation to ±0.03 in all axises, but still dont seem to have moved.

Now when you do that much jitter with larger objects, it visibly stutters.


Thanks for your kind feedback :slight_smile: and good to know with the fps fixing in the next update. I’ve noticed, I can’t change the fbs at moment anymore.


Thanks @Menithal. Should I post this somewhere the devs can notice it? Not sure they read the forum. Is the worklist the right place for this?


They do occasionally read the forums; but we cant really guess their time frame on it:
Worklist again is just for commissioning others do something. I think best approach is to poke
@Caitlyn to forward it to individuals that need to see it


Hey all,

I’ll notify the animation team. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!



I’ve filed a bug… but it would help if you could send use a URL to the FBX for the mesh as well as the animation (if not the same url) and if you could export the entity so we can see all the details of the animation settings on the entity as well.