Animation with Heads


Not sure if I forgot to turn off a override setting on the UI but it seems like my body does ok with animations and transitions using overriderole, however the head seems to be forcing itself to stay forward. Is this a known issue or something I forgot to tick off.


Heads arent affected by IK unless one has the HMD on. So the issue is not that So animation playback should always work for all bones, except the legs. So something else is wrong.

if your head is not where it belongs, do make sure that your skeleton structure, scaling and naming goes with the naming standard. Also make sure the parenting is done correct. The picture in Random seems to indicate this issue.

Reference for the Avatar Standard is available here Avatar's Standard Compendium

If using Blender, here is a template skeleton I made awhile ago. Few things to note:

  1. Scale avatar Avatar the same size as the skeleton and match with it (0.01, 0.01 on both avatar and armature)
  2. Do not change the size of the skeleton.
  3. You may move and scale individual bones.
  4. Do not rotate individual bones, instead rotate the mesh to the bones.
  5. When making animations, make sure to export with simplified at 0

For future reference

If there are issues with animations you mostly will have them with legs.

Leg IK can be mostly ignored when using the build in animation overrider (overrideRoleAnimation and restoreRoleAnimation) or using a script that disables them such as

var IK_TYPE = {
  HMD_HEAD: 2,
  OFF: 4
function setLegIK(property) {
  function animStateHandler(props) {
      return { leftFootType: property,
               rightFootType: property };
  MyAvatar.addAnimationStateHandler(animStateHandler, ["leftFootType", "rightFootType"]);


Not sure if this matters as part of this issue but its literally just animations playing with overrides on directions or idle. The head / neck is the only part that fails to actually fall in line with the animation. I guess its possible head / neck with mixamo doesn’t work at all here but the rest of the body does.


To add to this you can visually see the head jitter (its physically located in the right location) however it fails to animate.