Animations are still broken for Blender Animations


DISREGARD: Blender 2.77 seems to fix issue by allowing one to remove the Root bone to meet Maya Specs.

Monthly Reminder that this is still broken :slight_smile:

##Please note that now animation playback is consistant with all avatars now, regardless if Maya or Blender made avatar

While Turning on Pre and Post rotation solved folding issues, the rotations are still incorrect for the playback of avatar animations made in Blender.

the IK also behaves sorta so that my feet are consistently below ground.

Here is an example of the animation that bugs up like crazy: Developers may use this for testing blender animations as it features everything from translation to rotations.

0-60 squat, 60-> 150 Prone and 150 - 200 Laydown

Running on FBX Review, which is Autodesks Official FBX preview tool
All good.

But… in world.

CC: @chris


I’m “liking” the post as a reminder, not that I’m stoked this is still an outstanding problem.


Also, restoreRoleAnimation doesnt seem to work anylonger.


When exporting as FBX, make sure you set ‘Simplify’ to 0.00.


Oddly enough, i still couldnt get it to work after setting simplify to 0. The avatar still keeps spinning at the hips, but now the rotations them selves are correct for the arms and joints. Could you show the full export you did on it? and on what blender version


All I did was import the FBX from the link you provided.
Then I exported it again with the following presets:




I am using Blender 2.77. Maybe that is the solution.


I can confirm, 2.76b this didnt work, 2.77 works fine. Weird. Thanks though! I need to document that.
There the addition of the Armature FBX Node, which is set to null, that has the largest effect on this. This could also be the one major improvement that will fix the IK issue as well!

I’ll have to test this later this week.