Announcement: Graphics update with fixes to Material Transparencies


We will be pushing out a large graphics engine update in the next couple of hours. One of main fixes within this update is Material Transparencies. This will result in the ability to build much more efficient content. We have been testing the update across various domains for issues and believe we have caught anything obvious. If you find other issues that get introduced, let us know.

The fixes to transparencies will do the following:

Multi layered trasparent materials


Image of a brain:



After (Note: specularity, maintaining spherical look)


After (Note: correct stacking of the materials)

More details can be found here:


Very nice, thanks! I look forward to giving it a try. The overlapping alphas will be a huge help with a build I’m working on.


Hey all - we know that with this rendering merge, a number of things have been borked. Entity overlays, avatar attachments, skybox loading, and some crashes both on Mac and Windows. We are getting after these bugs now and you can expect to see things improve this week.


Is portions of mesh entities that are not transparent becoming so when looking at a large transparent area (think of a building with lots of glass) also in that list?


Yes this is a culling issue we are addressing as well.


I seem to be crashing after looking around after I rezing an entity with multiple materials inside or intersecting with the transparent material. or with each other, can this be checked? (rez carefully, 2619 windows) seems to actually be an instability issue with the 2619 client. 2615 works fine, other than the bug i say here…

all these tests are a single entity. Green and yellow should be transparent, white solid.
from the top
1 is transparent inside transparent
2 is transparent intersected by transparent
3. is tranparent intersecting with solid
4. is solid inside transparent
5. another order of test infront of the solid.

Also it seems that if a solid object is intersecting with the transparent material, or behind it, the transparent material turns solid iif it is a single entity. As separate entities, this works fine.


Side effect bug.

the lampposts @ shop (which the textures never loaded on before , now load half the time.
no idea whats goin on there