Announcement: High Fidelity's Roadmap + Request and Vote on New Features


We’re excited to announce that users can now submit and vote on feature requests and bugs. From, you can find the roadmap under “Develop” > “Roadmap”, where you’ll be able to see what is planned, in progress, and complete.

Please note that we are using an off-the-shelf solution called Canny, and have single-sign-on implemented so that you must be logged into your High Fidelity account in order to view the roadmap, submit requests, upvote, and comment.

There are a few unusual UI/UX Canny issues you may come across that unfortunately we do not have control over. That said, so far they seem to be edge cases and there are workarounds. (We’re reporting what we find to Canny via their own feedback request and bug tool, which you can do too!)

Going forward, please post feature requests or bugs here. You can easily search to find existing features or bugs so you can upvote and/or add any additional context you think could be helpful for our team to consider. Lastly, you can also filter features and bugs by status. Here’s a cheat sheet of what each status indicates:

Open: This is the default status assigned to new items.
Under review: An item is officially being evaluated by our team.
Planned: An item we plan to include in a future release.
In Progress: An item that we are actively working on. We will post comments with updates.
Complete: An item has been completed and released.
Closed: An item has been reviewed and will not be addressed or included. A reason will be provided by our team.

We know users have been eager to gain more visibility into what we have in the works, so we hope this helps. Our users’ feedback is critical to our success, so we encourage you all to actively engage with this new tool.

Thank you!

Edit: If you’re having trouble logging in, please try the direct link to feature requests here, and bugs here. You can also try here (feature requests) and here (bugs).


Is anyone else having trouble logging into the Roadmap? I’m really hoping it’s just me (and wish I could see it, too, of course). I’ve checked to be sure that I’m logged in (even logged out and back in), have added the site as “trusted” and went so far as to turn off all ad-blockers, etc., but whenever I hit the “Log In/Sign Up” link I’m redirected back to the same page with the same message: “High Fidelity isn’t collecting feedback from the public.”

I mentioned it on Twitter & CannyHQ suggested you folks should “Please send direct links to the boards you want to give access to.” Special thanks to @Ashleigh_Harris for her assistance btw!

Oh, and @Silverfish said he was able to get into it, which is something. :smiley: Again, I hope it’s just me but wanted to inquire.

Thanks much!

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Try this link that goes directly to the feature request board @krougeau:


It didn’t want to work for me the first time through, but I tried it once more after disabling Ghostery (again) and it at first didn’t appear to work, sort of stuttered, and then loaded the roadmap. Not the smoothest transition, haha, but at least I have access now. Thanks so much!!!


I think it might be a browser issue. I had the same issue as @krougeau when using Safair. Switched to Chrome and it worked, although it did also initially give me an error, but after 1 second the page refreshed and loaded properly. Odd.


This is great, I just checked it out, love it and thank you!


So the first thing on the roadmap should be getting the roadmap to load on mobile browsers…


Agreed +20 characters :purple_heart::iphone::sunglasses:

PS: Now I got the feature requests tool on my desktop and I absolutely love it :purple_heart::desktop_computer::sunglasses:


I see what you mean – I’m getting that error too on mobile (with chrome). Looks like Canny isn’t compatible with mobile yet, and unfortunately there’s nothing we can do other than submit a feedback request.

Glad desktop is working, though!


I do not get that error on mobile with chrome, can access the site and even has a mobile layout.

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