Annoying bug or intended feature?


Hello team HiFi! This is something that annoys me and one issue I think you should consider. There are many people who will use HiFi who won’t be in VR. Every time I enter into the interface I am greeting with this warm welcome.


My interface hangs until I close the warning and it is sometimes behind the interface so it’s not apparent why it is hanging. It would be nice if we had an option to open the interface without VR. I’m waiting for my Vive to arrive so this problem will go away for me yet there is a future audience we should consider.

Thank you!


thats steam not hifi



Well it does not launch until the interface loads so no… it’s not just Steam. HiFi has to call Steam for it to load. While the command line option would be a fix it’s not apparent to the casual user. HiFi should be easy to use for non-technical people. It should be easy enough for a 13 year old. IMHO, I am not concerned for myself but for the future users who we hope will come and not leave because they cannot understand why the interface is frozen.


Uninstall steam and check if it still happens


Even if that had some effect are we really going to ask users to uninstall their Steam to fix the problem? I don’t think that’s the right answer.


I’m being flippant
I think that opens on all steam vr games

Same way oculus market opens on all oculus things
So thinks it’s not unique to hifi


I could see that but I didn’t install it through Steam. I downloaded it and installed it directly and have updated it with the last two updates. I’m holding back on the latest but it seems that the “GoTo” directory is missing quite a few and not working properly. It tried to enter the Planetarium and ended up transporting to the roof of “The Spot.” I do have Steam on my machine so perhaps it has some hooks that is calling it.