Another example why different input devices need different defaltscripts and soem other small things


And here’s another example why i say for weeks we need seperate default scripts for different hardware. Today i where in HMD. Checking something i made for mini golf, yes new idea. Seems better.

Now i wanted to rotate entity in HMD mode. no problem after i got my hud on the correct distance. (teleport seesm to fixed that . Except that the beam seems to have problems to reach the arrow.

But after that i wanted to try the minigolf i did placed a while ago. want to click the stick.
Why is the stick in edit mode ? Oh, %&#$!# I closed the edit window but that does not close edit mode. Can we have it when you close edit window it turn edit off ?

Now i screwed the golff club like a steamroller did drive over it. So i grab a new one from marketplace. And now the problems start. Because i have edit.js running and @ctrlaltdavid edit.js and you cannot tell hifi to automatic disable ctrlaltdavid js when your in HMD. So marketplace jumps to the ctrlaltdavid script for placement. But the stick could not be placed. and i could not close the edit window. because it’s QT window. And it seems you cannot close other windows anymore to.

So i tried quick the golf field with all windows open and in edit mode because not wanted to go out of HMD mode. Later i figured out that that window still appears on the desktop. Mabye also vive desklop mode. This days i do not see High fidelity anymore on the desktop when in HMD.

I hope we get soon seperate default scripts for desktop and HMD etc.
And i hope everything can be controlled normal again in HMD soon.