Another new World coming, competitors?


I just spotted this and havent seen mention of it here so I thought I would post hese so we can kick the tires. The web site looks familiar. Theres a cool little tutorial for making streets in Blender too, assumes some understanding of Blender.
I cant see how to get in though.


The tutorial is good (thanks for hint), and the vid about hypatia looks great, but seems its not open for public so far.


Hypatia may seem familiar because there is a hypatia-world, a girls VR edu-world for exploring STEM -

I think this other world, Hypatia, run by timefirevr LLC might be an evolution of the earlier Hypatia.

"The cost of entry is not free or cheap. But it’s never been free to enter the theater, eat a great meal, or travel the world."

The best I can find on the platform (scant info) is mention of the Unreal engine.